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Pages with topic "Member perspective"

5 Jul 2016 : Encouraging resilience and sustainability in Ugandan communities

IEUA-QNT member Linda Brady of St Benedict’s Catholic Primary School north of Brisbane has been travelling to Uganda for more than a decade helping to provide resources and improve conditions in disadvantaged communities.

17 Jul 2015 : Member’s commitment to union honoured in NAIDOC award

Active member and Indigenous Support Officer at St James College Brisbane, Thersa Nunn, has been awarded the Dr Robert (Uncle Bob) Anderson Award for her hard work and ongoing support to union activities.

17 Jul 2015 : Union support sees member’s leave protected

One member has protected her entitlement to access maternity leave at half pay for double the period of time with the support of our union.

19 Jun 2015 : School consultative committees providing critical forum for employees

The role of school consultative committees in allowing employees to have a say in workplace issues and promoting co-operation with employers is being recognised across the sector with an increasing number of schools establishing such committees.

24 Mar 2014 : Aunty Thersa says 'join today'

“Aunty “ Thersa Nunn is an Indigenous Support Worker at St James’ College in Brisbane’s Spring Hill, and is encouraging all her fellow school officers and Indigenous Support Workers to join as well.

24 Mar 2014 : Union proud for forty years

Northern Territory retired teacher, and IEUA-QNT Delegate to Federal Council Lon Wallis reflects on his fortieth anniversary as a union member, and the importance that union plays for beginning educators.