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Pages with topic "Kindergarten funding"

4 May 2017 : Federal Government failing the grade on kindergarten funding

Today’s announcement by the Federal Government that it will fund free access to kindergarten/preschool for another year falls far short of the permanent, ongoing funding required for the future of the sector and its students.

27 Apr 2017 : Call for Federal Government to Fund Our Future ahead of budget

Kindergarten employees across Queensland are calling on the Federal Government to provide certainty of funding to the sector in this year’s budget in order to protect the future of our next generation of Australians.

29 Aug 2016 : New report urges extension of Universal Access to three year olds

A new report argues Australian children’s learning outcomes would be improved by earlier, universal access to education.

21 Jul 2016 : Government failing early childhood education sector, report finds

Government failure to adequately invest in the early years of learning has seen early childhood become the most “at risk” component of the Australian education system, according to a new report.

15 Jun 2016 : State budget gets top marks for early childhood education investment

The State Government’s budget announcement of an additional $42 million to maintain universal access to kindergartens and ensure all Queensland children have access to early childhood education in the year before they start school has been welcomed by the…

23 Jun 2015 : Essential early childhood education funding in question yet again

Our union calls on the federal government to confirm its commitment to early childhood education funding in light of proposed changes to school funding.

7 May 2015 : Belated announcement brings temporary relief to Early Childhood Education sector

Member campaign preceded the federal government's decision to extend funding; however, a permanent commitment is needed to provide certainty to the sector.

28 Apr 2015 : Kindergarten funding commitment needed

Members initiate postcard campaign calling on the federal government to commit to kindergarten funding.

20 Feb 2015 : Productivity Commission report findings and recommendations welcomed with reservations

Our union cautiously welcomes the recommendation of the Productivity Commission regarding federal funding for pre-school and kindergartens.

2 Feb 2015 : Call for Federal Government to increase preschool and kindergarten funding after parental leave scheme scrapped

The Federal Government should use funding from the scrapped paid parental leave scheme to guarantee the continuation of Universal Access to preschools and kindergartens.

15 Jan 2015 : Kindergarten eligibility age change; funding commitment sought

Change to the Queensland kindergarten eligibility age could see some children miss out on the benefits of kindergarten, while funding uncertainty continues.

5 Sep 2014 : Preschool funding for 2015 welcomed but long term commitment essential

The announcement that the Federal Government will commit $406 million to Universal Access in 2015 is welcome, but a long-term funding commitment is essential.

27 Aug 2014 : Early Childhood ROCs scheduled ahead of Universal Access campaign

Members in the early childhood education sector are urged to attend ROC meetings ahead of a campaign to protect Universal Access funding.

21 Aug 2014 : Protect Universal Access in our kindergartens

Universal Access to early learning remains under threat while the Federal Government continues to remain silent on a funding commitment from 2015 and beyond.

29 Apr 2014 : Kindergarten funding under review: member action vital

Government funding for community kindergartens is currently the subject of a ‘review’. There is a real possibility that both State and Federal Governments will attempt to reduce the level of funding for kindergartens. Members are urged to write to the Gov…