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Pages with topic "Special needs education"

21 Nov 2016 : Reviewing and funding disability education

Adequate funding to better support schools and teachers to deliver high quality education to students with a disability is vital and should continue to be a key concern for the Queensland government.

19 Jun 2015 : Lack of policy and funding leaves teachers at risk from violent students

A lack of employer policies on how to deal with violent students and the continuing inadequate federal government funding for those with a disability is resulting in potentially dangerous situations for teachers and students.

27 May 2015 : Review of the Disability Standards for Education

Every five years, the Minister for Training and Education is required to conduct a review into the effectiveness of Disability Standards for Education. Members can contribute to the review to support improvements to education for students with disability.…

30 Apr 2014 : Global Action Week: "Education and Disability"

Global Action Week, 4–10 May 2014, is an opportunity for the global education community to join together in supporting those who live with disability and champion their right to quality education. As our union continues to support this cause through our ‘…

24 Feb 2014 : Supporting inclusive education for children with disabilities

The estimated 1 billion people who live with a disability face a multitude of barriers to participating equally in society. In particular, their right to education is often not realised, which in turn hinders their access to other rights and creates enorm…