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Pages with topic "Superannuation"

20 Jul 2017 : New report once again shows that retirement is not so super for women

A major new report from the Australian Services Union (ASU) has highlighted the continued and growing inequity women workers face when it comes to saving for retirement.

20 Jul 2016 : Superannuation gap entrenches inequality for women workers

When women take time out of the paid workforce, change jobs or reduce their working hours for the sake of caregiving responsibilities, take home pay is the immediate price to pay. However, there’s a more insidious and hidden cost: superannuation and retir…

28 Jun 2016 : Closing the gender pay gap starts with your super

Superannuation fund Equipsuper recently announced it would pay superannuation guarantee contributions to its employees’ super accounts during paid and unpaid parental leave.

27 May 2016 : Federal government makes superannuation inequality even worse for women workers

Analysis of the changes to superannuation legislation announced by the Turnbull federal government has revealed it will create even greater inequity in retirement for women by discouraging their own contributions to the retirement savings.

3 Mar 2014 : Super women: check your super on IWD

With 90 per cent of women retiring with inadequate superannuation, women are urged to check how they can optimise their super this International Women's Day (IWD).

3 Mar 2014 : 'Inspiring change': International Women's Day 2014

International Women’s Day (IWD) provides women, often divided by national boundaries and cultural, economic and political differences, with an opportunity to come together and celebrate. It is also a day that challenges all Australians to decide the legac…