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Pages with topic "Labour Day"

6 Apr 2017 : Why do we celebrate Labour Day?

Labour Day holds a special significance for union members, with a rich history dating back more than 130 years, but what are we celebrating and why is Labour Day still relevant today?

3 May 2016 : Labour Day celebrations bigger than ever: 125 years & #backinMay

Tens of thousands of unionists turned out for Labour Day / May Day celebrations as Queenslanders celebrated 125 years since the origins of Labour Day in Barcaldine and the return of the public holiday to its rightful place in May.

5 May 2015 : Strong turnout on Labour Day and May Day in 2015

Labour Day holds a special significance for unionists, their families and the broader community. It is an opportunity to celebrate the many past achievements of the union movement.

17 Mar 2015 : Return of Labour Day to May is a victory for Queensland workers

The Queensland Government’s decision to return the Labour Day public holiday to its rightful place in May is a victory for all Queensland workers, tarnished only by its delayed return in 2016.

5 May 2014 : IEUA-QNT members turn out for Labour Day 2014

IEUA-QNT members joined in the Labour Day tradition, turning out in considerable numbers at marches across Queensland and the Northern Territory.