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Pages with topic "Graduates"

13 Jun 2017 : Research project launched to support early career teachers

New study aims to better understand the challenges faced by early career teachers, and better plan and provide tailored support in overcoming those challenges.

2 Jun 2017 : Yale seeks to deny graduate teachers right to unionise

Four months after voting to form a union in order to create a better workplace, graduate teachers from Yale university in the United States continued to be denied the right to do so with the university’s administration refusing to negotiate with them.

28 Jun 2016 : How much release time are you entitled to as a graduate?

During your first year of teaching you may not know what you are entitled to when it comes to release time. Regardless of the sector you work in, you should be aware of your ability to access support and additional release time as part of your role and pr…

31 May 2016 : Queensland Catholic schools seeking graduate teachers in 2017

Applications are open for graduating teachers to fill positions in 2017 across a range of Queensland Catholic schools.

16 Jun 2015 : Fixed term contracts and early career teachers

While many early career teachers are initially appointed to teaching positions on a fixed-term contract, in many cases employees should make appointments to continuing employment.

12 Mar 2015 : Graduate Teachers face uncertain future

Graduating teachers have the odds stacked against them when it comes to securing a long term position, with more registered teachers than teaching jobs in Queensland.

3 Mar 2015 : Improving the odds for landing a graduate teaching position

Graduating teachers in Queensland have the odds stacked against them when it comes to securing a long term position, with more registered teachers than teaching jobs in Queensland.

22 Aug 2014 : Nominations called for Teacher Education Bursaries

The IEUA-QNT/QIEU Teacher Education Bursaries are once again being offered to encourage eligible students who are studying for a teaching qualification.

8 Jul 2014 : Campaign for practicum reform

Our union is taking steps to redress the inadequate remuneration and lack of recognition for teachers who give their time and mentorship to pre-service teachers undergoing practicum.

12 Jun 2014 : Graduate job opportunities: Rockhampton

Catholic Education in the Diocese of Rockhampton invite applications from both graduate and experienced educators for full time teaching positions commencing in 2015. Positions are available in coastal, rural and remote locations. Incentives apply for rur…

19 Feb 2013 : Fact Sheets

Fact Sheet resources for IEUA-QNT members.