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Pages with topic "Bullying and Harassment"

29 Jul 2016 : Recent bullying case highlights prevalence in the workplace

A recent case involving the bullying of a long-serving teacher by their principal at a Melbourne Catholic school has yet again highlighted the ongoing prevalence of this insidious issue in the workplace.

5 May 2016 : Rating website leaves teachers vulnerable to cyber bullying

A website that allows students to anonymously ‘rate’ and ‘comment’ on the performance of their teachers has left staff open to cruel and potentially defamatory critique.

30 Sep 2015 : What to do when the bully is a parent

Complaints of bullying and harassment of teachers and support staff are unfortunately not uncommon in the non-government education sector. Recently, however, a steady increase in the number of complaints alleging bullying of school staff by parents has b…

19 Jun 2015 : Lack of policy and funding leaves teachers at risk from violent students

A lack of employer policies on how to deal with violent students and the continuing inadequate federal government funding for those with a disability is resulting in potentially dangerous situations for teachers and students.