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Pages with topic "Flexible work arrangements"

16 Jun 2016 : Denial of flexible working arrangement request reversed after union assistance

With the help of our union’s Industrial Services Team, a member will soon return to work on a part-time basis following her maternity leave despite the initial request for such a flexible arrangement being denied by her principal.

17 Dec 2015 : The many benefits of job share

It is essential for those working in the education profession to have a healthy work/life balance that encourages job satisfaction and time spent with family and friends. Job share is one way to ease the stress of work and often interests new parents or e…

27 Aug 2015 : What you need to know about job sharing

Job sharing is a preferred choice for many school employees returning to work after a period of parental leave. Here’s everything you need to know about seeking job sharing upon returning to work.

11 Sep 2014 : Are you eligible for flexible work arrangements?

The right to request flexible work arrangements is available to certain employees to facilitate a better work/life balance. Find out if you're eligible by reading IEU's Flexible Work Arrangements Guide.