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Pages with topic "Collective Bargaining"

17 Aug 2016 : C&K members’ entitlements at risk

Crèche and Kindergarten Association (C&K) has refused to accept the recent wage outcomes for teachers in the Queensland state and Catholic school sectors as a benchmark for C&K teachers.

29 Jul 2016 : $101k Catholic classroom teacher salary sets benchmark for state

The achievement by members of a $101,000 salary for top automatic step classroom teacher in the Queensland Catholic sector has set a new benchmark for the remuneration of teachers across the sector and the state.

29 Jul 2016 : Brisbane Grammar School leads sector on Domestic Violence Leave provisions

Having endorsed their new agreement in an employee ballot this week, members at Brisbane Grammar school will become the first in the Queensland non-government school sector to have access to 10 days paid domestic violence leave.

27 May 2016 : UK plan to privatise schools condemned

Ongoing plans by the UK government to privatise schools and place its educators working rights at risk has been condemned by the IEUA.

25 May 2016 : Lutheran employer fails to address inequitable workloads and wages

As collective bargaining negotiations continue, Queensland Lutheran school employees have rejected their employer’s “insulting” 2.2% wage offer which would leave employees the lowest paid in the Australian Lutheran sector.

5 May 2016 : Queensland Lutheran school employees would be lowest paid in the country under employer wage offer

Queensland Lutheran school employers have responded to members’ claim for comparable wages with their colleagues in South Australian Lutheran schools by making an inadequate wage offer of 2.2% per annum.

14 Apr 2016 : Collective strength secures significant wins at Canterbury College

Members at Canterbury College are set for significant enhancements to their working conditions after endorsing their new collective agreement late last month.

14 Jul 2015 : Catholic employers fail to listen - member feedback to direct next phase of campaign

QLD Catholic employers have failed to listen to employee concerns put to their representatives at the Single Bargaining Unit (SBU) meetings. Chapters now asked to endorse a campaign which both focuses on each employer and makes the broader community aware…

15 Jun 2015 : Funding figures not in dispute as employers remain wedded to incomprehensible wage position

Queensland Catholic school employers continue to dispute the employee position that there should be comparability of teacher rates to that of a major interstate Catholic employer, namely NSW Catholic Diocesan despite acknowledging the accuracy of funding …

5 Jun 2015 : New Anglican agreement passes ballot in overwhelming majority - employer attack on conditions avoided

Anglican school employees have decided their future working conditions by clearly endorsing a new collective agreement in the recent employee ballot.

25 Mar 2015 : Anglican employers stall negotiations over highly accomplished teacher demands

Employers seek Professional Standards Model that would obligate teachers to reach HAT status by their 9th year of teaching without any relevant HAT salary.

10 Mar 2015 : Anglican employer cuts HAT allowance

Anglican employer rejects employee position that teachers achieving highly accomplished status under the AITSL standards receive an allowance.

9 Mar 2015 : Catholic ColB8: SBU reps named; members consider issues

Catholic employers had finally agreed to begin collective negotiations with the first meeting set for 31 March, with members considering important issues during the unnecessarily long lead-in period. Employee representatives to the Single Bargaining Units…

2 Mar 2015 : QLD Catholic employers commit to bargain

Queensland Catholic employers have finally agreed to come to the bargaining table. The first meeting of the Single Bargaining Unit (SBU) is scheduled for Tuesday, 31 March 2015.

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