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Home > Compliance with Sections 557A,B,C,D,E and 557Q of the Industrial Relations Act 1999

Compliance with Sections 557A,B,C,D,E and 557Q of the Industrial Relations Act 1999

The following information is published as a requirement of the Queensland Industrial Relations Act, in accordance with Sections 577A,B,D,E and 557Q of the Act.

This requirement to publish credit card details is imposed upon Queensland unions alone and does not apply to employer associations registered under the same Act.

The requirement is retrospective to 1 July 2012.

QIEU has, for decades, had stringent governance and compliance controls over the use of credit cards.

Members have always had the opportunity to question expenditures more broadly and be provided with specific details on request.

The publication of credit card statements was clearly an attempt by the former Queensland LNP government to attack union members and their organisation.

QIEU has, and will continue to oppose, attempts to stifle the voice of union members and their union with legislation in the same Act.

These credit card statements are published in compliance with the law. Their publication does not extend to further publication or use by a third party.

Anyone accessing these details is expressly prohibited from further publication or distribution of content in whole or in part.

Inquiries regarding any aspect of the statements should be directed to the Branch Secretary, Terry Burke at tburke@qieu.asn.au

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