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Member Awards / Teacher Education Bursaries

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Honouring our union achievers in 2016


Daryl Bathe - Ryan Catholic College
St Peter Claver College Chapter Executive

St Peter Claver College Chapter Executive has been awarded the John (Max) MacDermott Award. The Chapter Executive, consisting of Craig Harrison, Peter Bevan, Mark Kudeborg, Ken Mayers and Tamara Meade, showed excellence in the coordination of the Catholic sector negotiations.

Ryan Catholic College secondary teacher Daryl Bathe has been recognised for his activism, honesty and integrity with the awarding of the John (Max) MacDermott Award.

As a Chapter representative at the school and union member for 17 years, Daryl played a vital role in mobilising the Chapter and facilitating key actions during the recent Catholic sector negotiations. Daryl was instrumental in organising and running protected industrial action and his encouragement, enthusiasm and drive enabled high member participation and engagement. 


Chris Chapman - St Augustine’s College, Cairns

During his 25 years as Far North Queensland Branch Representative on union Council, Chris’ strong leadership has inspired and sustained a high level of member engagement and activism.

Chris has over those years of representation on Council not only advocated for his local members, but also brought extraordinary counsel, deep insight and fundamental common sense to their deliberations as a governing body. 


Donna Bloxsom and Juanita Vaudrey
St Joseph’s School, Townsville

As active members of the school Chapter for many years, Donna and Juanita have worked tirelessly to educate teachers and school officers about acting collectively and representing the Chapter on many important issues.

Donna and Juanita have been key activists in many campaigns at the school, including an issue over dress code, attempts to prevent the Chapter meeting at the school and raising concerns with our union on these issues. 


Sue Stevenson - Our Lady of the Way Primary School

As a passionate union representative, Sue has a strong collective voice and helps to build membership strength within the school community, while showing commitment and support to social justice issues.

Sue demonstrates an ability to build a collective culture at the school that supports fair and just outcomes and a commitment to keeping her colleagues informed on important professional and industrial issues.


Pam Aitcheson, Somerville House
John Cartwright, Mt St Michael’s College

Pam Aitcheson has been an active union member at Somerville House, always demonstrating a strong commitment to fairness in the workplace and immediately following through on any matter that she feels requires support for her colleagues.

This sense of justice, whilst always maintaining dignity and respect not only for others but for her employer, clearly demonstrates attributes that make her a worthy winner of this award.

John Cartwright has been a calm voice of reason for more than 20 years at Mt St Michael’s College. John consistently provides support to his colleagues and has been the representative from the Chapter to take any issues to the College Leadership. John has steadfastly maintained dignity, fairness, respect and humility, always addressing issues appropriately from a social justice stance and never personally. John lives by his commitment to the fundamental principles of unionism every day and consistently encourages others to also “keep the faith”.


Siblings Zachary and Isabella Anne Hamilton have been awarded IEUA-QNT Teacher Education Bursaries.

The bursaries were established in 2009 to assist family members of our union members who are students enrolled in an education degree at university.

Studying for a Bachelor of Arts and Bachelor of Primary Education degree at Southern Cross University, Zachary said he has always been passionate about education, starting from when he completed a Certificate III in Childcare while still at high school. The second year student has worked in early childhood centres while studying at university, and says he is “passionate about educating the future generations and providing them with the best opportunity and environment to learn and develop.”

Sister Isabella Anne will complete Year 12 this year and has applied IEUA-QNT 2016 bursary winners to study a Bachelor of Education at Griffith University in 2017. Having also completed work experience at a child care centre, Isabella Anne says this experience has shown her how much she enjoys working with children.

“Becoming a teacher will give me the opportunity to see children achieve and help them develop as a person socially, spiritually, academically and culturally.”

Kara Martin, Christopher Binns, Jacinta Taske and Sarah Bellamy were also awarded $1,000 each to assist with study-related expenses.

Read more about the various member awards and bursaries in the dropdowns below.

John (Max) MacDermott Award

Nominations are now called for the ‘John (Max) MacDermott Award’ for 2016, presented in recognition of members’ outstanding contributions to their union.

This award has been extended to enable members to recognise both the outstanding efforts of individual activists and the efforts of school chapters, chapter executives or chapter networks.

Why was the John (Max) MacDermott Award created?

John (Max) MacDermott was a highly successful and respected teacher at Mercy College, Mackay who had a deep interest in union activities. As a chapter president and staff representative he worked diligently and tirelessly to represent the interests of staff. This award honours his memory and his outstanding contribution as a unionist and union activist.

Are there any ‘John (Max) MacDermotts’ in your chapter or branch?

If you know of individuals within your chapter or a chapter or other group who have made an outstanding contribution as unionists and union activists, we invite you to nominate them for the John (Max) MacDermott Award for Outstanding Contribution as a Union Activist or the John (Max) MacDermott Award for Outstanding Contribution as a Chapter, Chapter Executive or Network.

Award Criteria

  • Has worked diligently and tirelessly to assist members to address their issues.
  • Has acted with honesty, integrity and courage in the conduct of union affairs.
  • Has promoted member action and networking at the chapter and/or branch level.
  • Has made an outstanding contribution to their school chapter and/or branch and IEUA-QNT through activism in a specific area.

Ruth George School Officer Award

In recognition of the outstanding contribution made by individual school officers on behalf of their colleagues, our union established the ‘Ruth George School Officer Award’ and is calling for nominations for 2016.

This Award will be presented in recognition of a school officer member’s outstanding contribution as a union activist. The IEUA-QNT ‘Recognise, Reclassify, Reward’ School Officer Campaign highlighted the strength that member involvement gives to a campaign.

The continual improvement of workplace pay and conditions is entirely dependent upon the passionate commitment of individual members to the principles of collective bargaining and support of other union members.

Without the willingness of these individual members to provide assistance to their colleagues, to act as representatives and to give their time on behalf of members, successful outcomes for staff in the non-government education sector simply would not occur.

Ruth George played a key role in re-establishing the universal award covering non-government assistant mistresses in 1937. During the Depression assistant school mistresses had been forced to accept pay reductions in their Award.

Ruth George and her colleagues took on the challenge of restoring their salaries despite the opposition of the employers. Her determination and commitment to this cause was crucial in overcoming the employers’ objections and opposition.

This award honours her memory and outstanding contribution as an activist and union representative.

Like the teachers of the 1930’s the valuable work of school officers, to ensure the smooth functioning of schools and quality educational outcomes for students, have gone largely unrecognised and unrewarded by employing authorities.

This award provides the opportunity for all members of our union to recognise the outstanding efforts of school officers generally and the particular efforts of school officers who have helped organise their colleagues to achieve better working conditions.

Is there a ‘Ruth George' in your School Chapter?

If you know a school officer who has made an outstanding contribution as a unionist and union representative, we invite you to nominate your colleague for the ‘Ruth George School Officer Award’ for outstanding contribution as a union representative to school officers.


  1. Has made an outstanding contribution to the school chapter and IEUA-QNT through activism in a specific area.
  2. Works diligently and tirelessly to represent the interests of school officers.
  3. Acts with honesty, integrity and courage in the conduct of our union’s activities.

Examples of activist activities might include:

  • participation in union activities such as meetings, protests, rallies, campaigns, professional development and training;
  • dissemination of union information;
  • recruitment of colleagues;
  • promoting awareness of Award conditions;
  • pursuing accurate role descriptions for themselves and colleagues;
  • participating in enterprise bargaining negotiations and the single bargaining unit (SBU);
  • acting as a representative on the school consultative committee; or
  • involvement in school workplace policy development e.g. health and safety issues such as anti-bullying and discrimination.

Elizabeth McCall Award

The Elizabeth McCall Award was established to honour inspirational member Elizabeth McCall who died as a result of a tragic accident outside her school on Thursday, 27 April 2006.

Elizabeth, who was a highly respected teacher at St Peter’s Primary School at Rochedale, was an extraordinary woman who made a remarkable contribution in all aspects of her life including her union community to which she was dedicated and passionately committed.

Elizabeth touched the lives of many people with her warmth, her quiet dignity and her passion for social justice. In all she did she sought the best for others and her selfless dedication will remain an inspiration for us all.

She will be remembered as a warm and caring teacher, a dear friend, a committed and active unionist, a loving mother to her two sons, Sam and Tom, and a soul mate to her husband Mark.

For Elizabeth her union activism was very much part of her wider commitment to achieving social justice. Elizabeth believed in truth above all other things.

In the light of Elizabeth’s contribution to her union and her pursuit of social justice issues our union council made a decision to establish an ongoing award in her memory.

The award is for a woman who demonstrates a fundamental commitment to the principles of unionism and in particular gives expression to the pursuit of social justice issues.

The award may be given to more than one woman in any given year.

A recipient of the Elizabeth McCall Award will:

Demonstrate a fundamental commitment to the principles of unionism by:

  • Actively building membership strength and a strong collective voice;
  • Being educated about the issues impacting on her and her colleagues and what they can do about them;
  • Building a collective culture and supporting her colleagues in her workplace to achieve fair and just outcomes.

Actively encourage the expression of the voice of the collective in the pursuit of social justice issues by:


  • Working to bring social justice issues to the attention of her colleagues and seeking to inspire and educate others through her own example;
  • Recognising the importance of educating for social justice and inspiring students in her care to investigate issues they care deeply about;
  • Taking action to promote social justice and fairness by standing alongside like-minded colleagues;
  • Recognising our union’s capacity to achieve social justice.

Judith Cooper Award (NT only)

Our union relies heavily on the efforts of members of our Chapters and Chapters themselves to provide initial assistance to fellow members and act as representatives of their fellow members.

Nominations are called for the ‘Judith Cooper Award’ which is presented in recognition of a member’s outstanding contribution as a union representative and/or in recognition of a Chapter’s outstanding contribution to building a strong union.

The award is presented to a member or chapter from the Northern Territory.

The award provides the opportunity for a School Chapter to recognise the outstanding efforts of Chapter activists by nominating those most deserving of this award.

The award recognises the particular contribution of all union activists and especially honours an outstanding contribution of an individual on behalf of Chapter members.

Why was the Judith Cooper Award Created?

Judith Cooper played an instrumental role in the establishment of a union in the non-government sector in the Northern Territory.

In 1983 Judith Cooper, a school assistant at St Mary’s Primary School, and some teacher colleagues at other predominately Catholic schools joined together to start working through the issues which were affecting non- government school employees.

In 1984 Judith was instrumental in the establishment of The Northern Territory Independent School Staff Association (NTISSA).

Judith was elected the first Branch Secretary for NTISAA in 1984. Within the year NTISSA had worked extensively to establish the first award to cover independent schools in the NT.


  • Works diligently and tirelessly to assist members to address their issues.
  • Acts with honesty, integrity and courage in the conduct of union affairs.
  • Promotes member education, action and networking at the Chapter and/or Division level.
  • Has made an outstanding contribution to the School Chapter and our union through activism in a specific area.

Click here to download a nomination form for the Judith Cooper Award.

Student Bursaries

The IEUA-QNT Teacher Education Bursaries were established in 2009, to celebrate our union’s 90th Anniversary. These bursaries are once again being offered to encourage eligible students who are studying for a teaching qualification.

Each year, four pre-service education students will be awarded general education bursaries of $1,000.

The fifth bursary, the John Nash Bursary, valued at $2,000 will be awarded to an outstanding applicant.

Those interested in applying for the bursaries in 2016 must abide by the eligibility criteria. Union Executive will consider all applicants and select successful candidates with consideration given to those in remote areas, of financial need and academic results.

Applying for the bursaries:

1. Eligibility

a) Applicants must be pre-service education students who are enrolled (or intend to enrol) in either, an undergraduate Education/Teaching Degree or a postgraduate Education Course, at a university in Queensland or the Northern Territory.

b) Applicants must either;

I. have a nominator who is a parent, partner, guardian, or grandparent who is or has retired as a financial member of IEUA-QNT, or,

II. be a financial member who is in the process of furthering their qualifications to enter the teaching profession.

c) IEUA-QNT staff, or those who have retired as part of union staff, are also able to be nominees if they are a parent, partner, guardian or grandparent of the applicant.

d) Successful applicants from one year may apply for the bursary in subsequent years.

e) Successful applicants must be prepared to assist IEUA-QNT via publicity in Independent Voice or other union publications.

f) All applicants must indicate a willingness to sign a statutory declaration indicating that the bursary will be used for education associated expenses; e.g. HECS, books, computer technology.

g) Applications by non-members must include the details of the parent, partner, guardian, or grandparent who is, or has retired as, a financial member of IEUA-QNT. The application should be countersigned by this person.

2. Selection process

a) Executive will consider the applications and select the successful applicants;

b) Criteria to be used to determine success will include:

I. Consideration of financial need, including any pressing personal circumstances;

II. Year 12 academic results of first year applicants and university results of second, third and fourth year applicants;

c) Consideration shall be given to at least one awardee:

I. coming from remote or country areas distant from the institution at which the applicant is studying or intending to study; and,

II. being in their first year of an undergraduate course.